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On January 5, 2002, Real Madrid played against Deportivo. Do you remember the score of that game?


Casillas still remembers.


During his time at Real Madrid, Cassie often played a game with his teammates or coaches on the training ground: the opponent proposed the date and opponent of a game, and Cassie would tell them the score after a little thought.


According to Cassie's estimation, his accuracy in "guessing the score" is about 98%. This number is not simple. You know, from Real Madrid, Porto to the Spanish national team, Casey has participated in more than 1,000 games in his career.


In August of this year, 39-year-old Casey announced his retirement. He has no choice. In May 2019, during a training session in Porto, Cassie suddenly felt pain in his chest, mouth and arms, and was then taken to the hospital by the club team doctor. It wasn't until after the operation that Cassie knew that she had suffered a heart attack.

今年八月,现年39岁的凯西宣布退休。他别无选择。 2019年5月,在波尔图的一次培训课程中,卡西突然感到胸,口和手臂疼痛,然后被俱乐部队医送往医院。直到手术后,Cassie才知道自己遭受了心脏病。

In the process of recovery, Casey considered returning to the stadium-he enjoyed the time spent in Portugal and cherished the rare "quiet" at the end of his career... A few months after his heart attack, Casey returned to the gym. But the doctor advised him not to force it anymore. "The doctors told me that I had better stop. Since I knew there was a risk, I wouldn't stick to it. That was ridiculous."

在康复的过程中,凯西考虑返回体育场-他喜欢在葡萄牙度过的时光,并在职业生涯结束时珍惜这种罕见的“安静”……心脏病发作几个月后,凯西回到了体育馆。但是医生建议他不要再强迫它了。 “医生告诉我最好停下来。因为我知道有危险,所以我不会坚持下去。那太荒谬了。”

Although he is far away from the green field, Casillas will not forget those wonderful moments in his career. He not only remembers the accurate score, but also remembers the feelings on different occasions.


In 2008 in Vienna, Spain won the European Cup (the first international championship since 1964), and Cassie remembered his inner thoughts when he took the stage to win the trophy. "We finally broke a curse that seems to have always plagued Spanish football." He said.

2008年,西班牙在维也纳赢得了欧洲杯(自1964年以来的首个国际冠军),卡西(Cassie)上台赢得奖杯时还记得他的内心想法。 “我们终于打破了似乎一直困扰西班牙足球的诅咒。”他说。

Two years later in Johannesburg Football City, South Africa, Iniesta used a lore to help the Spanish team reach the World Cup. Cassie also remembered his mood after the team won the championship. "That's history, but I didn't think it was so precious at the time. You would think it was normal: "We have won the European Cup and now we have won the World Cup. We are a strong team."

两年后,伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)在南非约翰内斯堡足球城(Jones)借用绝杀帮助西班牙队晋级世界杯。卡西还记得球队赢得冠军后的心情。 “那是历史,但我当时认为那不是那么宝贵。你会认为这很正常:“我们赢得了欧洲杯,现在我们赢得了世界杯。我们是一支强大的团队。”

Casey still remembers in 2012, when the Spanish team defended the European Cup champion, his inner feeling was: "Even if we played a game with the dream team that participated in the Olympic Games in 1992, we should be able to win."


However, too good memory is not always a good thing, because you will also remember some of the past that you would rather forget.


Not long ago, Cassie reposted a video posted on the official UEFA Champions League account on social media. That video showed his performance in a UEFA Champions League knockout match between Real Madrid and Liverpool in 2009-Casey played bravely and saved Torres and Gerrard's shots.


But you may hardly imagine that in that game, Liverpool beat Real Madrid 4-0. At Anfield Stadium, Liverpool fans stood up and applauded Cassie, because they knew that if Cassie hadn't resisted, "Liverpool could score 12." After the game, Cassie left the stadium with tears in his eyes.


"I felt powerless, not angry." Cassie recalled, "I felt both frustrated and sad. You can lose a knockout game. We lost 0-1 in the first round, but we were beaten 4- by our opponents. 0? For Real Madrid fans in Liverpool and all Real Madrid fans around the world, I can feel their frustration that night."


From the day he joined the Real Madrid Youth Academy at the age of eight or nine, Casillas realized that the Real Madrid jersey symbolized a responsibility. Cassie gradually got used to this feeling, and even began to like it, but it was under tremendous pressure invisibly.


Casey’s teammate Hierro once said that playing for Real Madrid for a year feels like having spent 5 years in other clubs; Casey also admitted that at one point he felt that he had been in Real Madrid for half a century and that “pressure is always there.”


At the peak of Cassie's career, the brutal competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona made him miserable. In the spring of 2011, the two teams played 4 games in just 18 days. "It's crazy." "We are not ready to play 4 Spanish national derby games in a month. The relationship between the players on both sides is very tense. The conflict seems to be on the verge...I just hope I don't add fuel to the fire."

在卡西职业生涯的顶峰时期,皇家马德里和巴塞罗那之间的残酷竞争使他痛苦不堪。在2011年春季,两支球队在短短18天内打了4场比赛。 “这很疯狂。” “我们还没准备好在一个月内参加4场西班牙国家德比比赛。双方球员之间的关系非常紧张。冲突似乎迫在眉睫……我只是希望我不要为比赛加油火。”

Casillas' status is very special. He is the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. "Regardless of Real Madrid or Spain, it means a lot to me. You have to do the right thing for everyone."

卡西利亚斯的地位非常特殊。他是皇家马德里和西班牙国家队的队长。 “无论皇马还是西班牙,这对我来说都意义非凡。您必须为每个人做正确的事。”

In 2015, Casey decided to change the environment: his relationship with Real Madrid has changed. First he was kicked out of the main lineup by Mourinho, and then he became a marginal figure under the squeeze of the club’s chairman Florentino Perez. . He hopes to find "some kind of peace" in Porto.

2015年,凯西决定改变环境:他与皇马的关系发生了变化。首先,穆里尼奥将他踢出了主力阵容,然后在俱乐部主席弗洛伦蒂诺·佩雷斯(Florentino Perez)的挤压下,他成为一名边缘人物。 。他希望在波尔图找到“某种和平”。

"I need to stay calm before I can enjoy the football game again." Cassie said, "I don't like seeing my name in the news every day, or getting involved in certain controversies. So for me, leaving Real Madrid is the best A good choice, even if the Bernabéu was my home, even if I was there with a lot of people."


Cassie cherishes all the memories brought to him by his career, whether those memories have made him laugh or cry. Casey admires the players who are ultimately effective in the same club, such as Scholes and Totti, who think they have become an indelible part of the club's history.


Casey said that many fans remember what they were doing when Spain won the World Cup.


"If you meet Spaniards in a foreign country and talk to them about the past, it will feel great. In the year that Spain won the championship, they might be about to get married, or they might be watching the game with their children... You have become their memory. Part of it. It feels good."

“如果您在国外遇到西班牙人并与他们火狐app官网谈论过去,那会感觉很棒。西班牙赢得冠军的那一年,他们可能即将结婚,或者他们可能正在与孩子们观看比赛。 ..您已经成为他们的记忆。一部分。感觉很好。“



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