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A few days ago, the one on the wall of the CBA new season Chinese jersey was printed with "


On October 20, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that Bayi men’s and women’s basketball teams will no longer participate in the CBA League and WCBA League.


"The Chinese Basketball Association received a letter from the Military Sports Training Center of the Training Management Department of the Central Military Commission on October 19. The letter stated that the Bayi men's and women's basketball teams will no longer participate in the CBA and WCBA leagues in the future. The Chinese Basketball Association has requested the relevant league management agencies to comply with the regulations. Deal with follow-up matters."


The Basketball Association stated that the Bayi Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team has continued to send outstanding players to the national team since the establishment of the team, making an indelible contribution to the development of China’s basketball career. The Bayi spirit will continue to inspire Chinese basketball players to stay true to their original aspirations and forge ahead.


In fact, as early as more than two months ago, the news of "August 1 Men's Basketball Team has completed its mission and quit CBA" has spread like wildfire on social networks.

实际上,早在两个多月前,“ 8月1日男子篮球队已经完成任务并退出CBA”的消息就像在社交网络上大肆宣传一样。

However, at the time, Bayi Men’s Basketball Team Leader Liu Yudong denied: “The team’s training and work are all normal. Thanks to the fans for their love. I don’t believe or spread rumors.”


Although the CBA company has given the "green light" to the registration of Bayi men's basketball players, the team still failed to register before the deadline at the end of September.


On October 13, it was only 4 days before the new CBA season officially started.


In addition, according to the official CBA, the Bayi team's previous schedule was all pending, and because it did not appear in the match against Beijing Shougang, the CBA first match was sentenced to 0-20 loss.


After the announcement on the 20th, the whereabouts of the active players of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team aroused considerable attention and discussion.


Judging from the current situation, neither the CBA company nor the Bayi Men’s Basketball team gave specific explanations, but just stated-"The Chinese Basketball Association has requested the relevant league management agencies to properly handle follow-up matters in accordance with regulations."


However, according to Netease, Tencent and some basketball commentators who know the relevant situation, the Bayi team players are undergoing corresponding procedures to become professional players to join other CBA teams.


If the news is true, then the main players Zou Yuchen, Fu Hao, Raymond and Arslan of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team may become the "big fish" of the attention of various teams in the free market in the future.


As early as a few months ago, the domestic media broke the news,


And Zou Yuchen also paid attention to the Xinjiang Men's Basketball Team before August this year, which inevitably provides the outside world with a huge imagination...


In fact, as early as two seasons ago, when the Bayi Men's Basketball Team played in the CBA League with a "special invitation" team, things had already laid the groundwork.


The partnership between Fubon Group and Bayi was originally a sponsorship relationship. After the Basketball Association introduced the CBA access system, the two parties finally reached an agreement to establish Bayi Fubon Basketball Club on December 22, 2006. Before the establishment of the club, the two parties agreed that the registered capital of the club was 20 million and the operating period was 10 years. Among them, Fubon Group invested 10.2 million, and the club was controlled by Fubon Group.


At that time, in the equity structure of the CBA company, Bayi Fubon Club owned 5% of the shares, while Fubon Group held 51% of the shares in the club and was the major shareholder.


According to regulations, after the termination of the cooperation between the two sides, the Bayi men's basketball team can theoretically not continue to participate in the league.


However, because Fubon Group was unable to build a professional team for a time, and the Bayi Men's Basketball Team also had the task of preparing for the 7th Military Games in 2019, the CBA chose the invitation system to let Bayi continue to participate in the league.


In fact, before the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team would not participate in the CBA League this season, many teams including Bayi Women’s Basketball, Bayi Women’s Volleyball and Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team did not appear in their respective professional leagues. .

实际上,在中国篮协正式宣布八一男篮本赛季将不参加CBA联赛之前,包括八一女篮,八一女排和八一女排在内的很多球队都没有出现在各自的职业联赛中。 。

In fact, many sports teams representing the "August 1st" have left the professional sports stage one after another and have been proceeding step by step.

实际上,代表“ 8月1日”的许多运动队已经一个接一个地离开了职业运动舞台,并一直在逐步进行。

As early as the end of 2017, former Bayi Women's Basketball player Shao Tingting personally confirmed that the Bayi Sports Team was transferred to the Military Sports Training Center of the Training Management Department of the Central Military Commission. Subsequently, on February 25, 2018, according to the Global Times, the People’s Daily as an official media confirmed for the first time that military sports units are also part of this military reform.


Previously, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's sports units mainly consisted of two main forces, the Bayi Industrial Brigade and the Bayi Army Sports Brigade. According to the Global Times, the Eight-in-One Industrial Brigade, which governs basketball, volleyball, track and field, table tennis, weightlifting, gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming and other sports teams, was transferred to the Central Military Commission’s Training Management Department for military sports training at the end of December 2017. center.


The Bayi Army Sports Brigade, which has five teams including shooting, military pentathlon, modern pentathlon, fencing, and triathlon (including bicycle events), was transferred from the former Military Training Department of the General Staff to the Central Military Commission’s training management at the end of 2016. unit.

八一军队运动大队由射击,军事五项,现代五项,击剑和铁人三项(包括自行车比赛)五个团队组成,从原总参谋部军事训练部调到中央军事委员会的训练管理处。 2016年底。单位。

According to China.com, Guo Jianzhong, Director of the Training Management Department of the Central Military Commission and the Office of the Executive Committee of the Military Games, also stated that “the reform has achieved unified management, optimization of strength and resource intensiveness of the professional sports teams of the entire military. The biggest highlight is the addition of Military characteristic projects such as the Naval Pentathlon, Air Force Pentathlon, and orienteering have enabled the military sports team to further focus on the combat effectiveness of the service force."


It is worth mentioning that in July 2019, China Government Network released the "China National Defense in the New Era" white paper, which clearly stated:


"Expand the scope of the allocation of noncommissioned officers and civilian personnel, reduce the establishment of agencies at all levels, reduce the establishment of institutions, leadership levels and personnel at all levels, and streamline literature, sports, news and publishing, service guarantees, colleges, medical care, warehouses, scientific research institutions, etc Organizations and personnel, the number of personnel at the regiment level and above was reduced by about a quarter, and the personnel of non-combat units were reduced by nearly half."


Compared with the Bayi Women's Basketball, Bayi Women's Volleyball Team and Bayi Men's Volleyball Team, the Bayi Men's Basketball Team, which won eight championship trophies in the 25-year history of the CBA League, is undoubtedly the most influential among these sports teams. .

与八一女篮,八一女排和八一男排相比,八一男篮在CBA联赛25年的历史中赢得了八座冠军奖杯,无疑是这些运动队中最具影响力的。 。

This "championship" was once the cradle of the Chinese men's basketball team, including the first Chinese player Wang Zhizhi to officially land in the NBA, the former coach of the national team Li Nan, and the "God of War" Liu Yudong of the CBA league. Players trained by men's basketball.

这项“冠军”曾经是中国男篮的发源地,其中包括第一位正式登陆NBA的中国球员王志智,国家队前教练李楠以及中国男篮的“战神”刘玉东。 CBA联赛。由男子篮球训练的球员。

However, with the acceleration of the professionalization of the CBA League, the departure or retirement of a group of old players including Liu Yudong, Wang Zhizhi, Mo Ke, and Wang Zhongguang, and the gradual liberalization of the CBA foreign aid policy, Bayi Men’s Basketball is on the court. The competitive advantage on the market gradually disappears...


In the past few seasons, Bayi Men’s Basketball has been struggling in the lower reaches of the league. Last season, they ranked first among the 20 teams in the league with a dismal record of 6 wins and 40 losses.


When the CBA encourages personnel mobility and the professional managers of the other 19 teams are strategizing, the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team has almost no relevant information.


The Bayi Men’s Basketball team said goodbye to CBA, and sealed a piece of memory about Chinese basketball from a generation or even generations; but the change is also an important step for the CBA league to continue to improve its professionalism, and it is also an experience that has helped CBA become more mature.


The Bayi Men’s Basketball Team left the arena with the glory of the “eight-time champion”, but their spirit and style of “brave and tenacious, dare to work hard, united and cooperate” will continue to stay in the CBA arena, shining in every one who once wore The players and coaches in the "August One" jersey.




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