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Hupu News, September 29 In an interview with Sel Radio, Atletico Madrid star Futre said: "Felix and Suarez will be a perfect combination. If I were Morata, I would also choose to return to Juventus. "

Hupu新闻,9月29日,马德里竞技队球星Futre在接受Sel Radio采访时说:“费利克斯和苏亚雷斯将是一个完美的组合。如果我是莫拉塔,我也会选择重回尤文图斯。”

"Very good, in my own country, and super happy because of Atletico's performance in the last round."


"I think his performance is really great, but there is no doubt that Felix's performance against Real Madrid at the beginning of last season was also incredible. In that 7-3 game, I think the golden boy played very well. He It also proved that he is a genius, as he showed in this round. Felix with the ball at his feet is happy, he is a genius."


"Undoubtedly, he was 19 years old last year and 20 years old now. Last season was a season to adapt to the team. He has played very well, and he has also not performed so well in comparison. This is normal. , But I am sure he will play better this year. And with Suarez, there is no doubt that I think we will see a perfect combination."


"Well, I also like Costa very much. Felix will also play with Costa in many games, as well as Suarez. I don’t know if Simeone will let both Suarez and Costa play sometimes. The two of them stand in front, and then Felix stands behind. Maybe some games will be like this. I think we see Suarez just like a kid this round, don’t you, I don’t know that these players are now What to eat, 33, 34 years old... right, we are already old when we reach 30 years old..."

“好吧,我也非常喜欢Costa。Felix和Suarez也将在许多比赛中和Costa一起比赛。我不知道Simeone是否会让Suarez和Costa有时一起比赛。他们两个站在前面,并且然后菲利克斯(Felix)站在后面,也许有些游戏会是这样的,我认为我们在本轮比赛中看到苏亚雷斯就像一个孩子,不是吗,我不知道这些球员现在已经33岁,34岁了。 ..对,我们已经30岁了,已经老了……”

"You are right. Felix has to win his position. He is a genius, but he is also a young player. He needs to find his role in the team. I remember when I joined Atletico At the age of 20, I was a Champions League champion. The situation was very different. But even so, I still had to win my place in the locker room of a foreign team at first. Felix is ​​also a foreigner. He is not a local. He He needs to win his place. I don’t think he will see a Felix who doesn’t touch the ball for 10 or 15 minutes this year. I think he might be more involved in the game, it depends. Because of the position he won in the dressing room. Even if you are marked, the ball should be passed to the feet of the stars and geniuses, and Felix is ​​an excellent player, a genius, Cork, Sa Ur and other teammates know this, but of course, you have to win this position yourself."


"No, I don't think it's a question of whether to join Atletico. I don't think that before the 2-8 game, no one expected Suarez to leave the team in this way. Everything since then is for Barcelona fans. It was painful, all the chaos and troubles, Suarez’s joining was perfect for Atletico fans, but he could also go to any other team at the time, and everyone was very happy that he could choose Atletico."


"I think it can. I am an optimist. I am very optimistic. We all know that everything is possible with Simeone. I remember that Simeone once said that when a center defends hard, he When a center is the team’s first defensive player, the team is more likely to succeed. This is what he said, and Suarez is such a person. He is perfectly adapted to Simeone’s system. He is very Working hard, with the characteristics of a South American player, he will be a leader in the locker room and will say:'Listen, people here will sweat the last drop, because no one will give up'. I think he too He will be a role model in the locker room. His characteristics of fighting, competition, confrontation, and desire to win will affect the team."


"I don’t think it can be better. It’s great. It’s a fantastic start for any player. Although Suarez is already a star and one of the best centers in the world, he’s making his debut. Performance can always help him build confidence, help him stay calm, and make fans happy. Moreover, this is also for the dressing room: Even if I am a good player, even if I am already a star, I am not here. You can trust me if you come on vacation."


"Football is like that. I think Morata's best year was when he was at Juventus. He was a good player, but then he did not perform like he did at Juventus at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Atletico. So he chose to return to Juventus. I don’t know the specific circumstances of this transfer, whether it was the club’s decision or his request to leave, but no matter what, if I were Morata, then I would do the same thing. I will try my best to play my best performance of that year again, that is the year at Juventus."


"Costa is Costa to me. He is a man who always fights. He has encountered problems in scoring goals, but he is a center who always gives his best. He will fight and fight his opponents like any other. Atletico Madrid players are equally involved in defense. So it’s very difficult to make such a decision. Cavani is an extremely good player. I don’t know exactly what happened in January. I don’t know if it’s for both sides. In other words, their differences and problems in January have passed. And as for the topic now, no matter how good you are, you and the club have had serious problems before, but since I am not particularly clear about what happened, I only know the news reported by the media, maybe you know better than me..."


"(Laughs) It’s too hard to say. If I tell Costa you have to leave the team. I can’t do it. I can’t do that. As long as Costa is in the team, I’ll be very happy. But if it’s Costa I want to leave, that’s another matter. As an Atletico Madrid fan, I’ll never treat him like this...because he has given us a lot. He may be in a downturn, or he may suffer a shortage, but he is A person of Atletico’s status, he has a deeper affection for Atletico Madrid jerseys than anyone. He deserves absolute respect. If I told Costa that you have to leave, I won’t feel better. Costa stays. , I am happy."

“(笑)很难说。如果我告诉Costa你必须离开团队。我做不到。我不能那样做。只要Costa在团队中,我会很高兴的但是如果要离开哥斯达黎加,那又是另一回事,作为马德里竞技的球迷,我永远不会这样对待他...因为他给了我们很多,他可能处在低迷时期,或者他可能会受苦短缺,但他是Atletico的一员,他对Atletico Madrid球衣的喜爱比任何人都深。他应该得到绝对的尊重。如果我告诉Costa,您必须离开,我不会感到更好。我很开心。”

"no doubt."


"But let's not be too led by the gossip. We all know that when this kid, when the golden boy played some games that were not so good, then there will be many enemies around this young man. We have already seen this. But we Atletico fans know what kind of players we have. If there are fans who know the ball very well, they are Atletico fans. We know that this kid is a genius and a phenomenal player. .When he did not perform so well in the game, what we have to do is to support him, not to be affected by those bad reports or things. Felix still needs the support of our fans. He needs everyone’s support. Support because he is still very young."


"Felix, don’t get me wrong. The kid from Barcelona is very good, but Felix who has the ball at his feet is different. He is phenomenal. The kid from Barcelona is very good, but Felix is ​​different. , I think Felix is ​​going to compete for the Ballon d’Or soon. I think he can win the status in the locker room this year. Come and tell me. Tell me, did Felix get the ball? same."


"That's not it (laugh)."


"Yes, Fernando Jr., the great Fernando, a myth, a legend, as a player, Atletico Madrid fan, father, he is phenomenal on and off the court. His attitude on and off the court should become everyone's Standard, he is a role model for everyone in all aspects."

“是的,小费尔南多(Fernando Jr.),伟大的费尔南多(Fernando),一个神话,一个传奇人物,作为球员,马德里竞技迷,父亲,他在场上和场下都很出色。他在场上和场下的态度应该成为每个人的标准,在各个方面为每个人树立榜样。”

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