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Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao

Guangzhou ever Gran的taobao

As a foreign aid of Evergrande, Kongca not only helped the team win the Chinese Super League and the AFC Champions League, but his free kick stunts in the Chinese Super League have always been talked about. Regrettably, since he left the team, it is difficult for the Super League to find a classic midfielder with his fine technique and excellent free kick. However, in the current Evergrande echelon, a new star of Kongka style emerged, he is Wang Shijie. In a game against Guizhou Hengfeng yesterday, Wang Shijie once again got out of the scabbard and scored a beautiful free kick with his left foot.


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Beijing Zhonghe Guoan

Beijing Z红河GU o按

The AFC announced the 2020 East Asian Championship schedule. After the schedule was announced, it caused heated discussions among many domestic fans, because of the crash of the BIG4 AFC schedule and the FA Cup schedule. According to news from reporters, Guoan will not give up the AFC Champions League and will send the main players to participate.

亚足联宣布了2020年东亚锦标赛的时间表。时间表宣布后,由于BIG4 AFC时间表和足总杯时间表的崩溃,引起了许多国内球迷的激烈讨论。根据记者的消息,国安队不会放弃亚冠联赛,而是派主要球员参加。

Shanghai Shanggang


On the morning of October 6, the Shanghai SIPG team, which had ended the six-day holiday, regrouped at the Century Park training base and entered the rhythm of preparing for the second stage of the Super League this season. The first training session after the team was assembled was open to the media. Head coach Pereira, players Fu Huan, Oscar and Mui were interviewed by reporters.


Jiangsu Suning e-buy


The National Day holiday is still going on, but Jiangsu Suning Tesco team took over on October 4th. Except for Wu Xi and Li Ang who went to the national team, everyone was there to start a comprehensive training and preparation for the second stage of the championship. Group competition!




Shandong Luneng Taishan officially announced that Li Xiaopeng, the head coach of Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club, no longer serves as the head coach due to physical reasons, and is now the deputy general manager and technical director of Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club. Hao Wei, former assistant to the head coach and technical director of Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club, served as the head coach and no longer concurrently served as the assistant head coach and technical director.


Wuhan Zall


After the 72-day closed game in the first stage of the Suzhou Division, after a short vacation to enjoy the warmth of the family, Zall soldiers regrouped at the club training base on October 5th, under the guidance of the coaching team leader Ma Yongkang, The team will fully prepare for the second stage of the Super League. Except for the three players who participated in the national team training, the other players have returned to the team. Li Xing, Baptistang, Carrizo and other players gave up their vacation and returned to the base for treatment and recovery on October 1st, striving to devote themselves to the next game in the best physical condition.

在苏州分部第一阶段进行了为期72天的封闭比赛后,经过短暂的休假以享受家庭的温暖,扎尔士兵于10月5日在教练组组长马永康的指导下在俱乐部训练基地重新集结。 ,球队将为超级联赛的第二阶段做好充分准备。除参加国家队训练的三名球员外,其他球员均已返回球队。李星,巴蒂斯特唐,卡里佐和其他球员放弃了假期,并于10月1日回到基地接受治疗和康复,力求在身体状况最佳的情况下投入下一届比赛。



Due to the poor record, the third transfer window opened, and six or seven brokerage companies helped TEDA sign in. TEDA eventually introduced U21 player Jiang Shenglong on loan. TEDA plans to have a warm-up match with a northern team in the championship group this Sunday, and then enter the Dalian Division. The team may be Shandong Luneng.


Henan Jianye


Javier Pereira, the head coach of Henan Jianye's first team, said in an interview: "Thank you very much for the support of the fans to our coaching team. We are very confident in the second stage of the game."

河南建业一队主教练哈维尔·佩雷拉(Javier Pereira)在接受采访时说:“非常感谢球迷对我们教练队的支持。我们对比赛的第二阶段充满信心。”

Dalian people


After a short holiday break, the first team of Dalian people regrouped on October 4 to prepare for the second stage of the Super League. Except for Hamsik who returned to participate in the national team competition and Tong Lei who was selected for the national team, all the other players have returned to the team. The "snatching drama" between the Dalian Professional Club and the Venezuelan Football Association came to an end and finally ended with the victory of Dalian. Long Dong returned to the Dalian training ground, which means that the Venezuelan forward will not return to South America to participate in the World Cup preliminaries, but stay at the club to participate in the Super League relegation battle.

短暂的假期休息后,大连人的第一支队伍于10月4日重新聚集,为超级联赛的第二阶段做准备。除了返回国家队参加比赛的Hamsik和被选为国家队的Tong Lei,其他所有球员都回到了队中。大连职业俱乐部与委内瑞拉足协之间的“抢断戏”结束了,并最终以大连的胜利而告终。龙东回到了大连训练场,这意味着委内瑞拉前锋不会回到南美参加世界杯预赛,而是留在俱乐部参加中超降级战。

Chongqing Modern


After a preliminary decision, Chongqing Contemporary Football Club will cooperate with Chongqing College of Arts and Sciences to establish a brand-new women's football team to compete in the college student league in the new season.


Hebei China Fortune


From October 1 to 3, 2020, the Hebei Youth Football Training Camp and Youth Training Center audition event was successfully held at the Nanhu City Football Plaza in Tangshan, Hebei, which marked the official landing of the Hebei Youth Football Training Center project. The Provincial Big Ball Center and the Provincial Football Association closely focus on the province’s "one game of chess" work idea, taking the integration of sports and education as the starting point, and through the integration of resources in schools, clubs, training bases, and associations, striving to create a win-win and coordinated development The new situation is to realize the integration of sports, education, football associations and enterprises. The "four in one" will promote the development of football youth training as a whole, and improve the construction of the youth echelon system in our province.

2020年10月1日至3日,河北省青少年足球训练营和青少年训练中心试镜活动在河北省唐山市南湖市足球广场成功举行,标志着河北省青少年足球训练中心项目正式落地。省大球中心和省足球协会密切关注全省“一盘棋”的工作思路,以体育和教育相结合为出发点,并通过整合学校,俱乐部,训练基地的资源,与协会,努力创造双赢,协调发展新形势是实现体育,教育,足球协会与企业的融合。 “四合一”将促进整个足球青年训练的发展,并促进我省青年梯队体系的建设。

Guangzhou R&F


Looking back on his performance this season so far, Huang Zhengyu said: "The most difficult time of the season should be the first few rounds at the beginning. But at that time we all always encouraged each other and worked hard. Everyone was thinking about what to do. The team makes a contribution. I hope it can be maintained in the next game."


Shanghai Greenland Shenhua


Both Shanghai Shenhua and Ecuador's new foreign aid contract period is 5 months, and the club and them are a new model of "risk sharing" cooperation. Martinez has already played for Shenhua and has not scored so far. Bolaños has not yet appeared. According to Italian Sky Sports reporter Mangiantai, the transaction of Salavi’s return to Rome could not be completed, and there is not enough time for Rome to complete the transaction with Shanghai Shenhua. Therefore, the transaction has completely failed.

上海申花和厄瓜多尔的新外援合同期限均为5个月,俱乐部与他们是“风险分担”合作的新模式。马丁内斯已经为申花队效力,到目前为止还没有进球。 Bolaños尚未出现。意大利天空体育记者曼安泰说,萨拉维返回罗马的交易无法完成,罗马没有足够的时间完成与上海申花的交易。因此,交易已完全失败。



The Qingdao Yellow Sea Club officially released the training photos of Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang on October 5.


Shijiazhuang Yongchang

Shijiazhuang Yong长

After a five-day holiday, the team regrouped on October 5th. In the afternoon, they started the first practice of this fall. After a long absence from the training ground at home, they are finally back!




In his fourth year in Shenzhen, Guan Zhen made an important decision: gradually withdraw from the goalkeeper line and devote himself to coaching. To


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Cristiano Ronaldo meets milestone in two worlds

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)迎接两个世界的里程碑

Mbappé 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents super long elevator ball


Aubameyang World Wave, Su Chao reproduces Messi's rainbow ball

Aubameyang World Wave,苏超再现了梅西的彩虹球

Not remembering Kobe in social media makes me questionable, he understands my love


He Xining: Jeremy Lin's CBA Lore King coming out of training camp




Dybala shines in national Derby, Juventus returns to top


Ronaldo wore a cap for the first time to help Inter Milan beat Naples away


Inter Milan continues to lead in victory, Milan is swept by 5 goals


Value-added telecommunications business license Beijing B2-20181094


网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

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