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The Serie A summer market is closed. "Gazzetta dello Sport" gave Juventus and Naples the highest score of 7.5 points, and Inter Milan and Milan both scored 7. "Tonali and Ashraf 2 newcomers deserve high scores. Lazio is the most disappointed, with 5 points. Atalanta and Roma scored 6.5. Comment: "Naples competes for the title, Juventus is younger, Inter Milan is more complete, and Atlanta is stronger. The Roma lineup is better than Lazio. "

意甲夏季市场关闭。 “ Gazzetta dello Sport”给予尤文图斯和那不勒斯7.5分,最高分,国际米兰和米兰均得到7分。“托纳利和阿什拉夫2名新人应得高分。拉齐奥最令人失望,得到5分。亚特兰大和罗马得到6.5分评论:“那不勒斯争夺冠军,尤文图斯年轻,国际米兰更加完整,亚特兰大更加强大。罗马队比拉齐奥队好。 ”

The following table is the main team consumption details provided by Gazzetta dello Sport. Incidental bonuses are not included. If the lease has a mandatory buyout clause, it will be counted, otherwise it will not be counted, and only the actual rental fee will be paid. Milan made a lot of money from the sale of Suso, Paqueta, Ronaldo and other markets. The top team made a maximum of 25.8 million, while the Serie A profit was up to 29.5 million in Verona. Inter Milan has the highest net consumption of 58 million in Serie A, Ashraf alone accounts for 2/3, and Naples has a net consumption of 53 million. Juventus spends 121 million inflated, because Artur's price is as high as 72 million, and one person accounts for about 3/4, and Juventus has a net cost of 37.2 million.

下表是Gazzetta dello Sport提供的主要球队消费明细。不包括附带的奖金。如果租约中有强制性买断条款,则将其计算在内,否则将不计算在内,仅支付实际租金。米兰从Suso,Paqueta,Ronardo和其他市场的销售中赚了很多钱。最高的球队最多赚了2580万,而意甲在维罗纳的利润高达2950万。在意甲,国际米兰的净消费量最高,为5800万,仅阿什拉夫占2/3,那不勒斯的净消费量为5300万。尤文图斯花了1.21亿美元进行通胀,因为阿图尔的价格高达7200万,一个人占了3/4,尤文图斯的净成本为3720万。

Naples is definitely the Serie A bidding king, 3 signings before the lease of Bakayoko (one-year lease, no buyout clause), Osimgen has a total price of 80 million (70 million + 10 million bonus) the most expensive quote in Serie A this summer For help, see Demystifying Serie A Standard King! 46.5 yards bigfoot is second only to Luka Kuib! The two big African superstars gather 20 million in Petania, 15 million in Albanian defender Rahmani, and 115 million euros for 3 people! Counting the introduction of Deme, Politano, and Lobotka in January this year, the total market expenditure this year is 180 million euros.

那不勒斯绝对是意甲的竞标之王,在Bakayoko租赁之前签署了3个合同(一年租约,没有买断条款),奥西姆根的总价为8000万欧元(7000万加1000万奖金),是意甲中最昂贵的报价今年夏天如需帮助,请参阅揭开意甲标准王神秘面纱! 46.5码大脚怪仅次于Luka Kuib!非洲两大巨星在Petania聚集了2000万,在阿尔巴尼亚后卫Rahmani聚集了1500万,并为3个人筹集了1.15亿欧元!算上今年1月引进的Deme,Politano和Lobotka,今年的市场总支出为1.8亿欧元。

The sale only earned 24 million + 4 million in bonuses, and Alan went to Everton to join Ancelotti. Coulibaly shouted for a long time and did not go to the Premier League. Manchester City had intended. De Laurentiis made less money, but the team retained a backbone. The lineup is really good. The 433 formation can rank two sets close to the lineup. Lippi is very optimistic: "After Juventus Inter, it is the Gattuso team. Everyone underestimates them."

出售只赚了2400万+ 400万美元的奖金,艾伦去埃弗顿加入安切洛蒂。 Coulibaly喊了很长时间,没有参加英超联赛。曼彻斯特城原本打算。德·劳伦蒂斯(De Laurentiis)的收入减少,但车队保持了中坚力量。阵容真的很好。 433编队可以在阵容附近排名两盘。里皮非常乐观:“在尤文图斯国米之后,这是加图索队。每个人都低估了他们。”

Rome 4 signings this summer: visa-free Pedro, Coumbra rented first and then bought the total price of 29 million, 2 million leased Real Madrid striker Majoral, 15 million won Smalling (if Rome wins the Champions League in the next three years, Give Manchester United a bonus of 5 million, which is too difficult), in fact, it is 3 newcomers. Cleaned out 3 wingers Perotti (Fenerbach), Kluivert (Leipzig), Yundell (Leicester City), and did not sign Shenhua’s foreign aid Shalawi because of the high annual salary. Team training, no ball to play, it is difficult to participate in the European Cup next year. Rome's new main three striker Dzeko Mkhitaryan Pedro, with an average age of 32.7 years, is the oldest attacking group in the first-tier Serie A team. The Spanish gang is at its peak: Pau Lopez, Pedro, Mayoral, Vilar, and Carles have five.

今夏罗马4签约:免签证佩德罗(Pedro),库姆布拉先租后买,总价为2900万,租借200万皇马前锋Majoral,1500万韩元索林(如果罗马在未来三年赢得欧洲冠军联赛,曼联500万的奖金(这太难了),实际上它是3个新来者。清除了3名边锋佩罗蒂(费内巴赫),克鲁伊维特(莱比锡),云德尔(莱斯特城),并且由于年薪高而未与申花的外援莎拉维签约。球队训练,没有球打,很难参加明年的欧洲杯。罗马新的前三名前锋哲科·姆赫塔良·佩德罗(Dzeko Mkhitaryan Pedro)平均年龄为32.7岁,是甲级甲级联赛中年龄最大的进攻组。西班牙黑帮处于鼎盛时期:保罗·洛佩兹(Pau Lopez),佩德罗(Pedro),马约拉尔(Mayoral),维拉(Vilar)和卡尔(Carles)有五个。

Atlanta and Dalian returned to 11 new recruits on loan, costing nearly 50 million euros, but the market also earned 6.9 million euros through sales and renting. The small team has great wisdom and management is too smart. Forward Traore is favored by Manchester United. Milan Chuk, the most heaviest signing of 14.5 million, has not yet appeared. In the recovery, the team has won 3 consecutive wins and ranked first in Serie A. The only new starter is Argentine defender Romero, and Dutch center Ramez won the bench last round. First ball. The true blue and black combat power is obvious to all, and the expansion of the troops to deal with two-line combat.

亚特兰大和大连以11亿欧元的价格重返了11个新招募的新员工,但市场也通过销售和租赁赚取了690万欧元。小团队很有智慧,管理也很聪明。前锋特拉奥雷受到曼联的青睐。米兰·楚克(Milan Chuk)是1,450万英镑最重的签约球员,尚未出现。在复苏方面,车队已经连续三场获胜,并在意甲联赛中排名第一。唯一的首发球员是阿根廷后卫罗梅罗,而荷兰中锋拉梅兹则在上轮赢得了替补席。第一个球。真正的蓝黑战斗力对所有人都是显而易见的,而且部队的扩充可以应对两线作战。

Inzaghi's witch team also bought a lot of people at a net cost of 9.5 million. The main lineup changed to 6 generals. Inzaghi's witch team also bought a lot of people at a net cost of 9.5 million. The main lineup changed to 6 generals.


Lazio has never been able to sign a top star, David Silva, Rafinha did not come, Kosovo center Muric, fullback Fares, Manchester United's Pereira three major new aid arrived too late, The lineup level has not improved significantly, maintaining the structure of last season. As for the small team, Verona got Kalinic from Atletico Madrid for free, signed for 2 years and gave Atletico Madrid 5 million in prize money; Udinese signed Milan’s old man Deulofeu from Watford . There are 2 visa-free cards for Viola and Bonaventura, which are very cost-effective.


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