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Looking at Yao Ming, why not remember Yao Mai In the previous article, we mentioned that during the National Day, on the evening of the 4th, the annual Yao Foundation Charity Competition was held in Wuhan, which has experienced the baptism of anti-epidemic. The enthusiasm of the Yao Foundation Charity Tournament has become a flourishing season for Chinese basketball fans and the entire Chinese sports arena every summer. The hottest one so far is undoubtedly the one arranged at the Beijing MasterCard Center in 2013, where the Chinese men's basketball team played against the American star team. At that time, the famous singer Han Hong led the singing of the national anthem and ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. But the most noticeable thing on the court was that Yao Ming's best partner, former NBA superstar Tracy McGrady, also came to the scene that day. In addition to McGrady, Scola, Lowry, Artest (Zi Shiping) and other "Rocket Gang" of the year were also in the American star team, so many viewers once again recalled that they watched the Rockets game together. Years of youth. More than ten years later, the passion and love for the Rockets in the Yao Mai era still flow in the blood of many Rockets fans, and those people and things are still deeply imprinted in their minds. Unforgettable Yao Mai, it is hard to give up the Rockets. It is unforgettable that Great Wall of China opened the Rockets' center era as the champion. In 2002, the Rockets made a wise choice that could be recorded in the history of the NBA. They won the Chinese "little giant" Yao Ming with the first overall pick. Since then, they have built a Great Wall of China at Toyota Center and opened up a vast China for the NBA. Basketball market. This can be regarded as a new era opened by the NBA after the basketball god Jordan. The Chinese giant lives up to David Stern’s high expectations, and even more to the people’s expectations. He has made remarkable achievements in the NBA for 8 years: a total of 9247 points in his NBA career, 19 points per game, 9.2 rebounds and 1.9 per game. Cap. In his rookie season, he averaged 13.6 points per game and was selected to the All-Rookie Team; he was selected to the All-Star team eight times, the All-Star team five times, the Player of the Month twice, and he was selected to the Hall of Fame in 2016. Yao Ming's talent is top-notch among Asians, but compared to the "black and hard" in the NBA, it is relatively mediocre. His speed, strength, and explosiveness are relatively average, especially in terms of speed and mobility. In the playoffs, the offensive end can only have too many head-to-head and hand-to-hand combat with the opponent. The high-intensity bypass, top defense, and double-teaming greatly wear out Yao Ming and greatly increase the risk of injury; on the defensive end, the opponent has unlimited pick and roll singles Yao Ming. Caused to be exhausted, the top guards such as Kobe, Deron, Paul and other top guards repeatedly made pick-and-roll jumpers and pick-and-roll breakthroughs in front of Yao Ming. But Yao Ming has the best qualities in China: hard work and hard work. Practicing stunts such as sky hook and CIC, maximized his height advantage, won widespread respect, and made Big Mouth Barkley kiss the ass of the donkey. Perhaps even more memorable is the elegant black angel, the man who moved God to tears. Robust physique, gorgeous game skills, unparalleled talent, the king of the basketball temple, Tracy McGrady, a black angel who has moved God to tears, has a charming smile that kills both sexes, and is inspiring. Puffy eyes. On the court, McGrady is always so happy, innocent, elegant and agile, always like an innocent child, casually performing his talent. We will always like his passionate play, forcibly breaking through, changing hands, dunking, and pointing the ball with one hand. The domineering ride of the big bamboo pole, 35 seconds to score 13 points to turn over the Spurs, has achieved a legendary story. In 16 years of his career, he scored 17,828 points and averaged 22.4 points per game. Won the NBA scoring champion 2 times, 7 NBA All-Stars, 2 NBA All-NBA First Team, 3 NBA All-NBA Second Team, 2 NBA All-NBA Team Third Team, and NBA Most Improved Team in 2001 Fast player award. Even though he was sitting on a historical level of talent and performing such an outstanding performance, he still missed victory and did not achieve what he deserved. The 9 playoffs are basically one round. He was ambitious but not fighting spirit, his playing style became softer and his defense was lax. He dropped from 21.6 points to 15.6 points in just one season. Injuries and heart problems made McGrady slip from the ranks of superstars and become a fallen angel when he first arrived, which is embarrassing. The reason why Yao Mai’s Rockets let us remember is not the brilliant achievements of the team, but the exciting moments such as breaking through the first round, 22 consecutive victories, 35 seconds and 13 points, which brought us youthful passion and let the young The heart has found the harbor of sustenance: hope is always ahead, and one day we can win! 2005 spX flshbck Fabrics # fftm Tracy McGrady pas10 1/1 The card shared by the kitten today is the unique ball card of McGrady’s upper deck spx series. If you don’t say anything else, it can be called a rare + boutique with 1 series and 10 points.

看着姚明,为什么不记得姚麦 在上一篇文章中,我们提到在国庆节4日晚,一年一度的姚基金会慈善比赛在武汉举行,经历了反流行病的洗礼。 每年夏天,姚明基金会慈善比赛的热情已经成为中国篮球迷和整个中国体育领域蓬勃发展的季节。迄今为止最热的比赛无疑是2013年在北京万事达卡中心举办的比赛,中国男篮在这里与美国明星队进行了比赛。 当时,著名歌手韩红带领国歌演唱,点燃了观众的热情。但是球场上最引人注目的是姚明的最佳搭档,前NBA超级巨星麦蒂(Tracy McGrady)也在当天出场。 除了麦格雷迪外,斯科拉,洛瑞,阿泰斯特(Zi Shiping)和其他年度“火箭帮”也曾入选美国明星队,因此许多观众再次回忆起他们一起看过火箭队的比赛。多年的青春。 十多年来,姚明时代对火箭的热情和爱仍然流传在许多火箭迷的血液中,那些人和事仍然深深烙印在他们的脑海中。难忘的姚麦,很难放弃火箭。 令人难忘的是,中国长城以冠军的身份开启了火箭的核心时代。 在2002年,火箭队做出了明智的选择,这可以记录在NBA的历史上。他们以第一顺位赢得了中国“小巨人”姚明。从那时起,他们在丰田中心建立了中国长城,并为NBA打开了广阔的中国。篮球市场。 这可以说是继篮球神乔丹之后的NBA开辟的新时代。 这家中国巨人不辜负戴维·斯特恩(David Stern)的高度期望,甚至不辜负人们的期望。他已经连续8年在NBA取得骄人的成就:他的职业生涯总共获得9247分,每场19分,9.2个篮板和1.9次。帽。在他的新秀赛季,他场均得到13.6分,并入选了新秀队。他曾八次入选全明星队,五次入选全明星队,两次入选本月最佳球员,并于2016年入选名人堂。 姚明的才华在亚洲人中名列前茅,但与NBA的“黑与硬”相比,它的表现相对中等。他的速度,力量和爆发力相对中等,尤其是在速度和机动性方面。 在季后赛中,进攻端只能与对手进行太多的面对面和近距离的战斗。高强度的绕过,最高的防守和双队制极大地磨损了姚明,大大增加了受伤的危险;在防守端,对手有无限的挡拆单人姚明。精疲力尽的科比,德隆,保罗等顶级后卫一再在姚明的面前接过挡拆跳投和挡拆突破。 但是姚明拥有中国最好的素质:努力工作和努力工作。练习空中吊钩和CIC等特技,最大程度地发挥了身高优势,赢得了广泛的尊重,并使大嘴巴克利亲吻了驴子。 也许更令人难忘的是优雅的黑天使,那个使上帝感动的人。 健壮的体魄,出色的比赛技巧,无与伦比的才能,篮球神殿的国王特雷西·麦格雷迪(Tracy McGrady),使上帝感动得热泪盈眶的黑人天使,迷人的笑容杀死了两性,并令人鼓舞。眼睛浮肿。 在球场上,麦迪总是那么快乐,天真的,优雅而敏捷,就像一个天真的孩子一样,随随便便地发挥自己的才能。 我们将永远喜欢他充满激情的比赛,强行突破,换手,扣篮和单手控球。大竹竿的霸气骑行,以35秒的得分得到13分,以扭转马刺,这是一个传奇的故事。 在他的职业生涯的16年中,他获得了17,828分,平均每场比赛22.4分。 2001年两次获得NBA得分王,7次入选NBA全明星,2次入选NBA最佳阵容,3次入选NBA最佳阵容,2次入选NBA最佳阵容。 即使他坐着历史悠久的才华并表现出如此出色的表现,他仍然错过了胜利,也没有实现应有的成就。 9个季后赛基本上是一轮。他雄心勃勃,但没有斗志,他的打法变得柔和,防守松懈。仅仅一个赛季,他就从21.6分下降到15.6分。 受伤和心脏病困扰使麦格雷迪从超级巨星的行列滑落,成为他初到时的堕落天使,这令人尴尬。 姚麦的火箭让我们记忆犹新的原因不是球队的辉煌成就,而是令人兴奋的时刻,例如突破第一轮,连续22场胜利,35秒和13分,这给我们带来了年轻的激情,让年轻的心已找到寄托的港口:希望永远在前方,有一天我们可以赢! 2005 spX flshbck面料#fftm Tracy McGrady pas10 1/1 小猫今天所共享的卡是麦迪上层spx系列的独特球卡。如果您什么都没说,可以将其称为稀有+精品店,含1个系列和10分。

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