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After suffering two consecutive defeats, Shenyang City made a significant adjustment in the lineup of this game. Two foreign aids, Chumu and Tutahujayev, took the benches, and Ji Zhengyu got the chance to make his debut in the Chinese Premier League. Team up with captain Yang Jian as a central defender. After the first round of the game, Liu Tianqi and Quan Heng also entered the starting lineup. With the addition of these new players, Shenyang City remained stable after the opening, especially the offensive from the right. In the 33rd minute, Yang Jian made a long pass from the backcourt and accurately found Qin Beichen, who was successful against offside. The latter lightly shot and rewritten the score to 1-0. However, the host Meizhou Hakka is the “leader” of this group after all. The strength is tyrannical. The joy of Shenyang’s city lead lasted for only one minute. Meizhou took a free kick from the right side and had already won the first point many times before. Center Dumbiya beat the defender with a header, and the home team quickly tied it 1-1.

在连续遭受两次失败之后,沉阳市对该游戏的阵容进行了重大调整。两名外援Chumu和Tutahujayev担任了替补席,而Ji Zhengyu有机会在中国超级联赛中首次亮相。与队长杨健一起担任中后卫。在比赛的第一轮之后,刘天奇和权衡也进入了首发阵容。随着这些新球员的加入,沉阳市对外火狐app官网开放后保持了稳定,尤其是右边的进攻。在第33分钟,杨健从后场长传,准确地找到了成功越位的秦贝琛。后者轻轻射门,将比分改写为1-0。但是,主持人梅州客家毕竟是这个团体的“领袖”。力量是暴虐的。沉阳市领导的喜悦只持续了一分钟。梅州从右侧开出任意球,此前已经多次赢得第一名。中锋Dumbiya用头球击败了防守方,火狐app官网主队迅速将比分追成1-1。

   In the second half, as the physical fitness of Shenyang City declined, the Meizhou team quickly controlled the situation on the field and in the 58th minute Shi Hongjun used a direct free kick to overtake the score. Even when the score was lagging behind, Shenyang City coach Yu Ming did not intend to send foreign aid center Chu Mu. It seems that the Meizhou team seems to have a chance to win.


Just when many people thought that more time was spent in defending Shenyang City, it was likely to suffer a three-game losing streak. In the 82nd minute, they seized a valuable set-kick opportunity. Qu Xiaohui, who came off the bench, took a corner kick and Yang Jian Nodding before grabbing the ball to the back post, the opponent's goalkeeper Hou Yu didn't respond. The ball drew a beautiful arc to the goal, and the score became 2 to 2. Since then, the hosts who were unwilling to draw came out, and the city of Shenyang united as one. After paying the price of 3 yellow cards, the score was maintained to the end. After defeating Guizhou Hengfeng in the third round, it was once again on the "seed team" of the group Get the score.


   Although no foreign aid was sent, Shenyang City's defensive counterattack tactics in this game were very successful. With a possession rate of only 39% and a sharp lag of 5-16 in the number of shots, the City team shot within the frame of 4 out of 5 shots and scored two goals. The offensive efficiency was amazing. After this game, Shenyang City temporarily ranked fourth in the group. On October 4th, they will face Daqinzhishui, Shaanxi. That game will play a decisive role in the group ranking.

尽管没有派遣任何外援,但沉阳市在这场比赛中的防守反击战术非常成功。曼城队的持球率仅为39%,而且射门次数大幅落后5-16,在5射中的4射中得到了两个进球。进攻效率惊人。这场比赛之后,沉阳市暂时排名第四。 10月4日,他们将面对陕西大秦之水。那场比赛将在小组排名中起决定性作用。

In this game, Shenyang City did not send foreign aid. It seems that the all-China class has declined in strength, but in fact this is a normal rotation of the team. After all, under the high-density schedule of 10 days and 3 games, the first two games suffered losses. The city of Shenyang suffered from insufficient physical fitness. This scene is a reasonable choice for the leader Meizhou Hakka and some of the main players on the snow field. It is a reasonable choice for the next to face the weaker team. But to the surprise of the team, the team scored a valuable point without sending the strongest lineup.


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