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Next Monday (October 19) at 15:30 pm, Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team will face Guangzhou R&F in the 15th round of the Chinese Super League. At 15:00 this afternoon, the Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team conducted their last training before the game on the 6th venue of the Dalian Youth Training Base. Faced with the crucial second stage of the event, the players will go all out to meet the challenges of their opponents in their best condition.


Foreign aid Alessandrini attended the pre-match press conference as a player representative and said: "We have about three weeks to prepare for the game. The coaching team and staff have also tried their best to help us and analyze and guide the opponents' strengths and weaknesses. We. At this stage, every game and even our every goal is very important. We all know that Guangzhou R&F is a very strong team and has also introduced new players, but we know our The goal is to stay in the ranks and go all out to complete the goal. Moreover, everything can happen in these two games."


CCTV reporter asked: Head coach Wu Jingui


Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team also mentioned before the game that they came to the competition area but changed a place and another way to continue fighting for the city of Qingdao. What is the mental and physical condition of the team against R&F in this game? What targeted deployments have been made against opponents?


Wu Jingui: "When the team is in the Suzhou Division, it is also increasing the experience of the Super League. Every game is going all out. No matter who the opponent is, we will play our own level and play well. After coming to the Dalian Division, Everyone is very clear that this game is to fight for relegation. The 8 teams here are all paying for their own city, and they all shoulder their own responsibilities. After coming here, we are also very clear in the competition. In the middle of the effort, I will work very hard for every game and every point. Therefore, we will play every game here. Of course, we also know that the opponent is very strong. I lead the team. He has not played against Guangzhou R&F in the future. The opponent has his own style in technique and tactics, especially after the new foreign aid joins, his characteristics are more clear and prominent, which is a very difficult and difficult game for us. Although. In this way, our team members, coaching staff and all staff are ready, and we will work hard to play this game."


CCTV reporter asked: player alexandrini


In the first stage, you contributed 7 goals and performed very well. You played a key role in the game many times. In the second stage, how can you better continue your "Mr. Key" role?

在第一阶段,您贡献了7个目标,并且表现出色。您多次在游戏中扮演关键角色。在第二阶段,您如何更好地继续担任“ Key先生”角色?

Alessandrini: "Every time I enter the stadium, I always dedicate everything I have to my club. Sometimes it’s going well, sometimes it’s not so satisfying. But this is Football, there are many uncontrollable factors, no matter what happens, I will never give up. I came to the team to help the team complete the season goals, and I will always fight for Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team until the goal is completed. We are now There is a chance to work hard as a team to win this game. I firmly believe that we will present a wonderful game for everyone, let us wait and see."


[PP sports reporter] question: head coach Wu Jingui


Two matches of the relegation group have ended. You can see that the competition is very fierce. What do you think of the special competition system for relegation this year?


Wu Jingui: "The situation of relegation is very severe. Because the competition system determines the difficulty and contingency of relegation, everything can happen. I think my players are also prepared and will pay all they can to fight for relegation. I also believe We will accomplish this goal."




Radonic came to the team at the end of the first stage and made a brief appearance. At present, the team can be said to be more organized. How will we select and deploy foreign aid?


Wu Jingui: "At this stage, our five foreign aids have arrived. In terms of use, we must choose the most suitable foreign aid to play according to the needs of the team and the needs of the opponent's technical and tactical arrangements. I believe our foreign aid and Chinese players They understand and support each other very well, no matter who is on the court, they will fight like a team."


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