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  Czech Republic, Ostrava-On October 22, local time, the 2020 season J&T Bank Ostrava Open will continue the women's single round of competition. No. 3 seed Sabalenka completed a dramatic reversal with double breaks behind in the final set. After a fierce battle of 2 hours and 13 minutes, he took revenge on the American star Gove, who broke through the qualifying round with 1-6 7-5 7-6 (2). , Thrilled to advance to the quarterfinals.

捷克共和国俄斯特拉发-当地时间10月22日,2020赛季J&T银行俄斯特拉发公开赛将继续女子单打比赛。三号种子萨巴伦卡完成了戏剧性的逆转,在最后一盘中落后两次破发。经过2小时13分钟的激烈战斗,他报仇了美国球星Gove,后者以1-6 7-5 7-6(2)闯入了资格赛。 ,很高兴晋级八强。

In August of this year, Gove’s same round at Lexington Station took 2 hours and 48 minutes to beat the opponent 7-6 (4) 4-6 6-4 hard-that was the longest time in her career so far. A duel. At this reunion, she was once expected to achieve a double play against Belarus's number one women's singles, but Sabalenka, who was clearly under the wind in the opening, staged a Jedi counterattack in the second half, and finally overcome the 2-5 deciding set behind and locked in the tie-break. Victory. The No. 3 seed scored a total of 30 winning points and made 44 unforced errors. He seized the chance of fluctuations in his opponent's serve at the end of the game to achieve a comeback.

今年8月,戈夫(Gove)在列克星敦车站(Lexington Station)进行的同一回合中,花了2小时48分钟,以7-6(4)4-6 6-4击败对手,这是迄今为止她职业生涯中最长的时间。决斗。在这次聚会中,曾有人希望她能与白俄罗斯排名第一的女单双打,但显然在开幕式中风起云涌的萨巴伦卡在下半场进行了绝地反击,并最终以2-5的决定胜出。落后并锁定抢七局。胜利。三号种子总共获得30分,并犯下了44次非强制性错误。在比赛结束时,他抓住了对手发球波动的机会,从而卷土重来。

   The first set of the game was dominated by Goff. She scored 77% of the first serve. She only lost six points in the serve game and broke twice. She took the lead in 22 minutes. 11 unforced errors and three winning points fully reflected Sabalenka’s opening slump: she gave the opponent the first break point in the fourth game under the high pressure of the net, and then lost the ball out of bounds because of a backhand. After his own serve, the first set was also out of the control of the Belarusian. The 16-year-old American teenager's ability to read the game is impressive. She effectively defuses Sabalenka's offensive, and later breaks again with two wonderful crossings, establishing a 5-1 lead. She didn't waste any time. She blasted three straight serves in the next game and quickly secured her first set victory.


After    played again, Sabalenka improved his state in an all-round way, and his performance was different from the first half an hour. The champion of the new Kodoha station has recovered the feel, especially in the serving session, her winning points and unforced errors in this set have also become 14 and 16. There was no chance of breaking serve in the first eleven games, although no one's serve was easy. However, both opponents were able to eliminate the danger ahead of time, and each of the two games were successful in securing serve when they were behind 0-30. In this way, the key to determining the victory or defeat lies in who slackened first-this time it was Goff. After failing to send out a break point in nine consecutive rounds, she finally suffered a break for the first time because of a misfire, and directly paid the high price of losing the second set.


   It turns out that Goff was only briefly disconnected, and she quickly recovered in the final set. In contrast, Sabalenka’s regular shots began to lose control again: three active errors and Goff’s winning points allowed the latter to regain the initiative. The American teenager continued to put pressure on his opponents and came up to complete two breaks to seize the opportunity 3-0. Although Sabalenka quickly broke back, but in the seventh game, he sent three double errors. Gove re-established his double break advantage with a precise high ball, and the score reached 5-2.


   Unexpectedly, the finish line was near, but Goof’s steady performance began to crack. She suddenly became very conservative in the serve win. Three simple errors and a double error caused her to break serve. In Gove’s recent games, double errors are one of the issues that continue to plague her, but today seems to have been effectively controlled, and only two of the first 13 serve games have appeared-but from this one, the nightmare Strikes again, she has double faults in every subsequent serve, including the critical moment of 5-4 30-30.

出乎意料的是,终点线已近,但Goof的稳定表现开始破裂。她突然在发球局变得非常保守。三个简单的错误和一个双重错误导致她中断发球。在戈夫最近的比赛中,双重错误是困扰她的问题之一,但今天似乎已得到有效控制,在前13个发球局中只有两次出场-但从这起比赛中,她再次成为梦m罢工在随后的每局比赛中都有双重失误,包括关键时刻5-4 30-30。

   Sabalenka saw a glimmer of life, and launched a strong counterattack. The Belarusian girl has always maintained an aggressive style of play, and decided to give it a go when she fell far behind, and gradually eroded Goff’s lead: she hit a wave of attacks for four consecutive rounds in one breath, overtaking the score 6-5, and winning. The plate took the lead for the first time. Gao Fu stopped the loss in time to complete the guarantee, and the two sides entered the tie-break, but this was the last resistance of the American girl today. Sabalenka quickly brought the small score to 4-0, and finally completed this incredible reversal with the fourth Ace of the audience to cash the match point.

萨巴连卡(Salalenka)看到了人生的闪光,并发起了强烈的反击。这位白俄罗斯姑娘一直保持着侵略性的比赛风格,当她落后时决定放手一搏,并逐渐削弱了戈夫的领先优势:她一口气连续四轮打出一波进攻波,将比分追至6- 5,中奖。该板块首次取得领先。高夫及时阻止了损失,以完成担保,双方进入抢七,但这是今天美国女孩的最后抵抗。萨巴伦卡迅速将小比分提高到4-0,并最终以第四位A级观众完成了这一令人难以置信的逆转,获得了比赛积分。

   In the quarter-finals, the No. 3 seed will face another qualifier Tomo across the net.


In the women's doubles, the top seeds Mertens/Sabalunka overcame the 5-8 lag in the deciding set and beat Ostapenko/Zvonare with a 7-6 (5) 5-7 10-8 Baby, difficult to advance to the semi-finals.

在女子双打中,头号种子梅尔滕斯(Mertens)/萨巴伦卡(Sabalunka)在决胜盘中战胜5-8落后,以7-6(5)5-7 10-8 Baby击败了奥斯塔彭科/兹沃纳尔(Ostapenko / Zvonare),难以晋级半决赛。

No. 2 seeds Krejitzkova/Sinjakova 6-4 2-6 10-5 Klinet/Teichmann will face Dabrowski/Stefani in the semifinals. 6-4 7-6 (4) defeated No. 3 seed Matek/Strisova.

2号种子克雷季茨科娃/辛贾科娃6-4 2-6 10-5克林特/蒂希曼将在半决赛中面对达布罗夫斯基/斯特凡尼。 6-4 7-6(4)击败3号种子Matek / Strisova。



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