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Loan transactions are very common in the football transfer market. When players leave, it not only benefits the financial balance of the parent club, but also makes the team management feel gratified that their young talents can play properly and at the same time. Gained valuable experience; and for the temporary joining clubs, they will undoubtedly become stronger due to the arrival of some budding young professional players. More importantly, it is conducive to the players' own experience gain and more playing opportunities.


It all started in West London, where he spent most of his youth career. In Fulham, the club left many precious memories for him. In his Premier League debut, although he was only involved in the last 30 minutes of the game, maybe it was in the last half hour that Manchester City’s scout team matched the England genius and convinced him. They belong to the future. So a year later, they took him to the club.




Undeniably, the loan this time was the most successful and Roberts' most valuable loan for Manchester City. The Scottish champion Celtics called Manchester City and finally succeeded in January 2016 with an 18-month loan. The winger who came to the team relentlessly ran offensively and broke through. He scored once for the team and assisted the club's under-20 team to defeat their opponent Mortwell 4-0. Such a world-class performance was enough for the head coach Brandon Rogers to immediately promote him to the first team. The young man quickly announced to his loyal fans his strong support on the team's front line.

不可否认,这笔贷款是曼城最成功,也是罗伯茨最有价值的贷款。苏格兰冠军凯尔特人队打来了曼城,并在2016年1月以18个月的贷款成功获得了成功。来到这支球队的边锋无情地进攻,冲了过去。他为球队得分一次,并协助俱乐部20岁以下的球队4-0击败了对手Mortwell。如此世界级的表现足以使主教练布兰登·罗杰斯(Brandon Rogers)立即将他提升为一线队。这位年轻人迅速向忠实的粉丝们宣布了他在车队前线的坚定支持。

He saved his best form against his home team. When the two clubs met in the Etihad in the Champions League group stage, he used a goal to show his home team and Guardiola his sharp sideline sense and dribbling. skill. His amazing personal performance in this 1-1 draw was only one of his 15 perfect goals in the 2016/17 season. After completing an unbeaten season in the East of Glasgow, he played for the Celtics. Won the league championship for the sixth consecutive time.


Last season, Roberts failed to score in 19 (6) appearances of the Spanish team, and Manchester City’s partner club Girona was also relegated to the second division. Earlier in the season, his performance in Norwich was even worse. Guardiola sent him back to his home team again, hoping to expand his experience in the big game. A total of 24 minutes-all from the bench-this is everything he got from Manchester City before being recalled and sent to Middlesbrough.


After that, he played under Jonathan Woodgate. On the riverside court, he ran wildly to attack and cross. In order to grab valuable playing opportunities from Woodgate, he played against Tottenham Hotspur and Derby. County played in the FA Cup and the English Champions League (Roberts has played the role of left wing, center and attacking midfielder in his short career). He finally found the right wing in his league debut. He really belongs to Own position.

此后,他在乔纳森·伍德盖特(Jonathan Woodgate)的带领下踢球。在河边的球场上,他疯狂地奔跑进攻并越过。为了抓住伍德盖特的宝贵比赛机会,他与托特纳姆热刺和德比交手。郡参加了足总杯和英格兰冠军联赛(罗伯茨在他短暂的职业生涯中扮演过左翼,中锋和进攻型中场)。他终于在联赛首秀中找到右翼。他确实属于自己的位置。

Although he missed the opportunity to play for the England youth team, he still has an outstanding career and played an indispensable role in the 2014 England U17 European Championship victory, where he completed 3 goals and 4 goals. Assists to ensure England's position in the group. Roberts then scored 4 goals and provided 4 assists for the team in the U19 European Championship qualifiers, even though he is the youngest player on the team (17 years old);


Therefore, a never-ending loan career may be the only way for Roberts to move forward, but it does not rule out that he will stay in a city he likes in the near future until he retires.


If Roberts' career will have a turning point, it must be the Fort Miburg coached by Warnock. This famous coach admires the England winger very much. He has given Roberts a much-needed opportunity to play and a suitable tactical system.


We don’t know the future of Roberts returning to Manchester City, but what we all care about is that we don’t want to see the fall of such a genius. Maybe joining Manchester City is a turning point in his personal career, but maybe this is a better opportunity and springboard, we still have to wait...


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