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In order to drop the liquidated damages, Arsenal hired midfielder Thomas Patay from Atletico Madrid. Considering the Gunners’ performance in the transfer market in recent years, this approach is very rare. More importantly, the introduction of Thomas and sending off Torreira and Gondozi at the same time is an upgrade to the team's offense and defense in the midfield. It is of great significance to Arsenal today.


As a legend of the team, Arteta took over Arsenal in times of crisis and became another representative of the "DNA coach". After the initial run-in, the gunner gradually got on the right track. After the quarter-finals, they won consecutive wins and won the FA Cup and Community Shield championships.

作为车队的传奇人物,阿泰塔在危机时期接管了阿森纳,并成为“ DNA教练”的另一位代表。最初的磨合后,炮手逐渐步入正轨。在四分之一决赛之后,他们赢得了连续的胜利,并赢得了足总杯和社区盾冠军。

More importantly, the team's current three-centre defender system shows Arteta's team building framework and ideas: the ultimate backcourt organization and the search for frontcourt space.


Scored 11 goals in 4 league games, Arsenal’s offensive vitality is relatively good, and it shows a very obvious feature: after the extreme organization of the high midfield and the back field broke the opponent's press, the space in the frontcourt was completed simple but deadly. Blow. This point, the 4 goals in the picture above, are extremely obvious.


The basis of all this is the "extreme organization" of the midfield and backcourt. As long as the opponent's high position restrictions can be resolved, Arsenal can push the ball through the open players or directly threaten the ball to form a rapid impact in the frontcourt.


The three central defenders spread the width of the organization in the backcourt, which is the basis, and the midfielder receives the ball in the open position, turns around, and combs effectively. This is also the core factor for Ernene, who was previously rented out, to regain his position, because his ability to play is better than Torreira and Gondozi, who has completely fallen out of favor after "Taunting the Gate".


Gondozi, who mocked Brighton forward Mopai's internal punishment, experienced a long enough "cold period". However, considering that Gondozi was not involved in sensitive issues such as racial discrimination, the simple low-end mouthpiece is not enough to completely lose his future in the gunner. The core reason is that he cannot meet the requirements of Arteta's new system: Shouzhuan Receiving the ball and passing it forward.


This is also "suitable" for Torreira to a certain extent. As a midfielder with fighting ability and mobility, Torreira's contribution to defensive protection is sufficient, but his vision and creativity of the ball have certain problems.


Against Chelsea, Wolves, and Bournemouth's three-tier teams, Torreira and Gondozi changed with the team's "power of control", and the number of passes was different. But the same points are the same: there are many short passes, cross passes and back passes.


More importantly, as the Premier League's overall pressing force is getting stronger and stronger, both of them will show their own organizational and scheduling shortcomings in the game. Therefore, there are problems with speed and defense, but Xhaka, who has a precise scheduling transfer, can finally stay in the team during the Arteta era, which makes sense.


On the data level, Torreira averaged only 0.6 times per game in the 19-20 season (11th in the team and 11th in the same position in the Premier League). Gondozi, who is relatively high in the midfield average position, averaged Over 0.7 times (9th in the team and 23rd in the same position in the Premier League); and in the number of forward passes per game, both ranked 30th in the Premier League midfielder.


In a word, Torreira and Gondozi did not get rid of the defensive ability to make the situation clear at the critical stage of shifting from defense to offense.


In terms of Arsenal's current midfield reserve, only Ceballos has the ability to get rid of the team, but this is not the strength of the Spanish star. Because Ceballos is a well-balanced player with no explosive qualities. In other words, he has the offensive and defensive abilities of getting rid of, advancing, passing, defending, etc., but they are all "almost meaning".


As for Xhaka and Ernene, it is more like Arteta's current "helpless" choice. Because Xhaka has a long pass, Ernene's passing accuracy is slightly better than Torreira and Gondozi.


But Thomas is different! He is the top three players with more than 50 attempts in the five major leagues last season. The other two are Liverpool’s new aid Thiago and Chelsea’s Kovacic.


Last season, he completed a total of 64 extraordinary attempts in La Liga, with a success rate of 89% (57 successes). Moreover, an average of 1.6 successes in 90 minutes is an improvement of 0.5 times over the 18-19 season. In the Atletico Madrid team, he is the player with the most successes and ranks second among La Liga midfielders.


More importantly, Thomas's ability to get rid of the area with the highest success rate is precisely Arsenal's shortcoming: the waist position between the center circle and the penalty area. We can see that he succeeded 16 times in 17 attempts in this area, which is very scary. Even if the position is prerequisite, 9 attempts are successful 8 times. It can be said that in the crucial transition from defense to offense, with Thomas, Arsenal's new system will be completely different.


After Lyon insisted on 60 million Euros not letting go, Arsenal finally gave up the introduction of Oyar. But they introduced Thomas, who has better defensive hardness but is widely underestimated in offensive advancement, by smashing liquidated damages. This is also a very good reinforcement.


Arteta's system in the new season has become known to the world. With the deepening of the game, the opponents' restrictions on Arsenal's midfield are also increasing. Therefore, the equipment of Xhaka, Ernene and Ceballos is obviously not enough. At this time, Thomas' joining undoubtedly strengthened the system. After the national team game day, as Thomas' integration level increases, it will not be surprising that the Gunners have achieved a higher level of combat power.


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(Boiling water has no temperature)


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