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I have known each other for four months and two months together, and broke up on the 11th. To

我已经认识了四个月和两个月,并且在11日分手。 至

When I first met her, I really felt that I recognized her. I met such a girl for the first time when I grew up. I can have so much in common with myself, and I can talk about it. I am more introverted myself, which has always been the case, but after meeting her, I feel like acquaintance for a long time. So I confessed to being together with her within two months of knowing each other. When we were together, both of them thought about it for a long time. She said that she hopes that we will talk seriously. If I want to talk and have fun, she will play with me. At that time I also felt that she was ready, the more I wanted to take this feeling seriously. The sign of breaking up should be the day before National Day. I resigned at the end of September and she said she told me to live with her temporarily, so I passed. That day, when I was in Moments, I saw a person I hate sending friends. Circle, she asked me why I hate not to delete it? I deleted it directly, and then she became angry after a while, and then I coaxed her to ask her what was wrong, but she didn't say anything. Later, she told me that she was speechless to me and felt that I was thinking that she was forcing me to delete it. Later, I explained to her, I just deleted it directly. She said the past is over, and she won't talk about it. Later, I learned that she told her girlfriends that I was naive, and felt that when I first met me, I thought I was very mature, but then there was a big contrast, too naive.

当我第一次见到她时,我真的感到自己认出了她。我长大后第一次遇到这样的女孩。我和自己可以有很多共同点,我可以谈谈。我比较内向,这种情况一直存在,但是在见到她之后,我很长一段时间都觉得很熟。因此,我承认在彼此认识的两个月内与她在一起。当我们在一起时,他们俩都考虑了很长时间。她说她希望我们能认真谈谈。如果我想聊天并玩得开心,她将和我一起玩。那时我还觉得她已经准备好了,我想认真对待这种感觉的机会也更多。 分手的迹象应该是国庆节的前一天。我于9月底辞职,她说她告诉我暂时和她住在一起,所以我通过了。那天,当我处于片刻时,我看到一个我讨厌送人的人。圈子里,她问我为什么我讨厌不删除它?我直接删除了它,然后过了一会儿她就生气了,然后我哄着她问她怎么了,但她什么也没说。后来,她告诉我说她对我无语,并且觉得我在想她正在强迫我删除它。后来,我向她解释,我直接将其删除。她说过去已经过去了,不会再谈论了。后来,我得知她告诉女友我很天真,并且觉得当我初次见到我时,我以为我很成熟,但那时却形成了很大的对比,太天真了。

Many things are impulsive. I think it might be that I often take a taxi after get off work to find her, because my company is 40 kilometers away from her, so when he says he misses me, I basically sometimes just take a taxi to look for her after nine or ten. She accompanies her. When I came back from National Day, she went out for a meal. She told me that her mother asked her to go on a blind date. Her mother said that she must find a local one. At first, she felt that her mother's actions were unreasonable, but during those few days When her mother fell ill, she accompanied her mother to the hospital. Her mother said that if she didn’t go back to see her parents several times a year after she got married, she would be a little shaken, and then said that we fell in love like this seems meaningless. , After dinner, we will go back after watching the movie. When I came back from National Day, I felt that she suddenly looked like a different person, resisting me and not letting me touch her, but everything else was fine, and chatting was normal. I asked her that it felt weird that we were developing too fast. She said that it would be fine in a few days. I didn't follow up, thinking that she might not be used to living with her. To

许多事情都是一时冲动的。我想可能是下班后我经常打车去找她,因为我的公司离她40公里,所以当他说他想念我时,我基本上有时只是九点后才打车去找她。或十。她陪着她。 国庆节回来时,她出去吃饭了。她告诉我,她的母亲要她去相亲。她的母亲说她必须找到一个本地的。起初,她觉得母亲的行为是不合理的,但是在母亲生病的那几天里,她陪着母亲去了医院。她的母亲说,如果她结婚后一年不回几次见父母,那她会有些动摇,然后说我们坠入爱河,因为这似乎毫无意义。 ,晚餐后,我们将在看完电影后返回。国庆节回来时,我觉得她突然看起来像一个不同的人,抵抗着我,不让我碰她,但其他一切都很好,聊天很正常。我问她,我们发展太快感到很奇怪。她说几天就可以了。我没有跟进,以为她可能不习惯和她住在一起。 至

But this week when she came back, she resisted me very, very much. She really didn’t even let her hand touch me. I was very depressed. I knew that she had something in her heart that she didn’t want to tell me. A few days ago, she had acute gastroenteritis in the middle of the night and I accompanied She went to the hospital to hang salt water and stayed with her. You can also hold her and hold her hand. I thought our relationship was getting better, but she fell asleep that day. I watched her girlfriend send a message to her and I was curious. I opened it, (forgive me for not doing so well, but I was really annoying), and then I saw her telling her girlfriend that I think my family situation is very ordinary, because when I went home to take pictures of my dog, she saw My floor is concrete. Then I know I can’t give it to her. I’ll stay with her in the future, saying that I can’t afford a car for thousands of dollars a month, and I can’t afford a house. While looking for a job, she told her girlfriend that I have been looking for it because I wanted to stay with her and so on. Anyway, I was very sad after watching these conversations. These were all she said behind the scenes. It won't happen, I really feel sad. I know that my family situation is indeed average, but I never complain. I know how much my parents have paid for me, so I will rely on myself in the future. I also want to repay my parents. Her family situation is much better than mine, and her salary is higher than mine. A lot, so that night I always thought that I could not give her the future, at least temporarily. But why she obviously hated me and didn’t tell me why she said to me behind her back. I couldn’t see how she would look at me like this. When she went out to play the next day, I secretly moved to a new company and talked to me at night. She said to break up. …

但是这周她回来时,她非常非常反抗我。她真的什至没有让她的手碰我。我很沮丧。我知道她内心有些不愿意告诉我的事情。几天前,她在半夜患上了急性肠胃炎,我陪着她去医院挂盐水,并陪在她身边。您也可以握住她并握住她的手。我以为我们的关系越来越好,但是那天她就睡着了。我看着她的女友向她发送消息,我很好奇。我打开了它(原谅我做得不好,但我确实很烦),然后我看到她告诉女友我认为我的家庭情况很普通,因为当我回家给我的狗拍照时,她看到我的地板是水泥的。然后我知道我不能把它给她。以后我会和她在一起,说我买不起每月数千美元的汽车,也买不起房子。在找工作时,她告诉女友我一直在找工作,因为我想和她在一起。无论如何,看完这些对话我感到非常难过。这些都是她在幕后所说的。这不会发生,我真的很难过。 我知道我的家庭情况确实是平均水平,但我从不抱怨。我知道我父母为我付出了多少,所以将来我会依靠我自己。我也想还我父母。她的家庭状况比我的好得多,她的薪水也比我的高。很多,所以那天晚上我一直以为我不能给她未来,至少是暂时的。但是为什么她显然讨厌我,却没有告诉我为什么她在背后对我说。我看不到她会怎么这样看我。当她第二天出去玩时,我秘密地搬到一家新公司,晚上与我交谈。她说分手。 …

In the past few days, I have also seen it a little bit. I am still serious about feelings. If it was a trivial matter in the past, I would try my best to solve it and communicate, but now it’s not the same as when I’m out of society. The family reasons she said, I There is really no way, I will work hard, but she can't wait for me for so long, and I don't want this relationship to be so exhausted. I still like her, so I let it go.


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